The Boivin Style

Architectural and Voluminous Jewelry Designs

Jeanne Boivin (1871 – 1959)

René Boivin's jewelry sits high in the hierarchy of jewelry design. Founded in Paris during the late 19th century, the house gained a following, but it was after the death of the founder that the jewelry truly found its unique and signature style. René Boivin married Jeanne Poiret, sister of the couturier Paul Poiret. When he died early in his career, Madame René Boivin assumed the lead role at the house and she continued to oversee the business until her retirement in 1954. 

Madame Boivin's clientele were the intellectuals and artists of Paris and beyond. She employed other women—Juliette Moutard and Suzanne Belperron—to design, each bringing the house their own distinct style, but all under the direction of Madame René Boivin, who believed that jewelry should be architectural and voluminous.