Well I sure learned a lot at art school — how to promote art.
A lot of the students at art school wanted to be famous, too.
Started to copy the art books and follow everything that was new.
A lot of us started to be consistent,
Throw away our hearts,
To promote the tradition of art.
Well, I left art school, had a show at the Ferus Gallery.
They said it was the best in town.
Then they really let me down.
They wanted me to be consistent,
Throw away my heart,
They wanted me to be non-resistant;
To promote the history of art.
And I didn’t go to their parties,
Painted at home instead,
So they kicked me out of the gallery
And that’s when I got ahead.
— Llyn Foulkes

Rule Breakers: Post War and Contemporary Art, a private collection of artworks with works by Paul McCarthy, Llyn Foulkes, William Copley, Carl Andre, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Dash Snow, Andy Hope, Kerry James Marshall, Thomas Zipp, Anselm Reyle, Tim Noble and Sue Webster and Ryan McGinley.

Exhibition Preview