Wright is pleased to present Show Me, an exhibition of new work by Lindsey Adelman featuring the premiere of her first-ever originally composed music video. A new body of work made in conjunction with the video expands the boundaries of the designer’s practice beyond her well-known lighting works. Comprised of new forms and mediums, the exhibition includes specially crafted mirrors, jewelry and objects.

Show Me marks new territory for Adelman and her studio as she uses her mastery of lighting to create an immersive installation and experience. Show Me will be on view at Wright, 980 Madison Avenue in New York from June 26th – August 1st, with an opening reception June 25 from 6 – 8pm.

“Most of my work incorporates a system of constraints and elements that run wild. This exhibition is a fantasy-based expansion of that struggle. Ultimately the battle between restraint and release is beautiful and it is the opportunity to create objects, which represent that relationship that is the thrill. Design is about the correlation of human and objects and I want to make objects, which become part of people’s life. The real life of my work begins after I say goodbye to it, and I wanted to use music and performance to capture that.”

— Lindsey Adelman

Exhibition Preview

“You zoom out to think about, I have a life, I’ll walk around the earth until the end of that. What the hell do I want to do with that time? It’s so open.”

— Lindsey Adelman

“We have long admired the work of Lindsey Adelman, and these incredible works show the true creative force behind them. It seemed fitting to take the opportunity to diverge from expectations by working with someone who has continually done just that with her work. We are excited to have the opportunity to present an installation that is creative, innovative and fun. This exhibition is also an expression of Wright’s commitment to design, a vision that is not limited to the great works of the past but also those great moments being created now.”

— Brent Lewis, Wright

An Interview with Lindsey Adelman

by Brent Lewis

The works in this exhibition are culmination of an impressive creative endeavor by Lindsey Adelman and her studio, who without a specific goal in mind intentionally structured a strange and fantastic creative space from which these objects ultimately emerged. In drama, it is something unexpected which compels the story forward, and the filming of a music video is a compelling catalyst in the dramatic narrative of Lindsey Adelman Studio. As these works were imagined, created and now installed, they pose new questions which remain subtly unanswered. These intriguing and beautiful objects have grown out of a creative journey not yet complete.This exhibition grew out of a conversation I had with Lindsey Adelman.

“I see us as this creative group of people and a design studio that produces immaterial solutions or immaterial offerings.”

— Lindsey Adelman

Select Works

Tuxedo Necklace

polished, solid 14k gold and 14k gold chain 

Shady Side Mirror

hand-sculpted, gilt wood

Shady Side Illuminated Mirror

hand-sculpted gilt wood and hand-blown glass with 24k gold foil

Shady Side Candelabrum

machined and hand-sculpted brass

Shady Side Illuminated Mirror

hand-sculpted, gilt wood and hand-blown glass with 24k gold foil

Shady Side Sconce

machined and hand-sculpted brass

Ear Cuff with Fringe

solid 14k gold and 14k gold chain

Shady Side Mirror

hand-sculpted, gilt wood

“I am folding in the personal interests of the company. People often ask that first question, “how did you come up with this idea of doing a music video?”, when it doesn’t feel like that at all. It just feels like it was in me, and I got an opportunity to let it out and bring my daily work life into it. These cravings that I see all day, just riding the subway with your ipod and seeing the choreography on the poles of the subway. All the time, I see dancers and dancing, and I love thinking about fashion and I love thinking about wallpaper and jewelry, and so in a way I’m just an opportunist coming up with ideas for these projects.”

— Lindsey Adelman

About Lindsey Adelman

Lindsey Adelman is a New York City-based designer and creative director best known for her renowned lighting designs such as the Branching Bubble chandelier. Inspired by structural forms found in nature, as well as the visual tension that results from combining the organic nature of blown glass with the more rational machined components, her signature chandeliers have made her one of the most in-demand lighting designers in America.

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