Don Albinson was involved in developing speaker enclosures for Stephens Trusonic, Inc. Albinson recalls "a number of different designs for speaker enclosure were made and most of them were on Herman Miller pedestal bases. This one was put on four cast legs because of its size and shape. The legs were of Nelson design but George ok'd the use on the speaker cabinet." Only one other example of this type is known, and was formerly in the collection of Don Albinson. Both are prototypes and never went into production.

Only one other example of this cabinet type is known.

In the development of a home speaker unit design, this study model is from the collection of Jack Klein, a former Herman Miller executive who would 'road test' new design prototypes and provide insightful feedback. This example was designed to include slide-out hi-fi equipment to the left of the speaker. Eames felt this left too much of the design and usage to the consumer’s taste. The Eames office felt it was best to drop the associated use of other hi-fi equipment and concentrate solely on a free standing speaker unit which added to the graphic clarity of the subsequent designs.