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Abstract Art Frederick Gore, Muthuen and Co. Ltd., London, 1956. Hardcover.

1937: American Abstract Art George McNeil, et al., Snyder Fine Art, New York, 1995. 28 pages, Softcover.

Toward a New Abstraction Alan R. Solomon, Ben Heller, et al., The Jewish Museum, New York, 1963. 40 pages, Softcover.

Abstraction 5: John Altoon, Sam Francis, Craig Kauffman, John McLaughlin, Ed Moses Noriko Fujinami, et al., Nagoya City Art Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Shiga, and Hara Musuem Arc, 1990. 108 pages, Softcover.

Art of Tomorrow: Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-objective Paintings Hilla Rebay, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York, 1939. 1939 pages, Softcover.

Abstract Painting: 50 Years of Accomplishment, From Kandinsky to the Present Michel Seuphor, Abrams, New York. 320 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

Contrasts of Form: Geometric Abstract Art 1910-1980 Magdalena Dabrowski, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1985. 288 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

Museum of Living Art: A.E. Gallatin Collection A.E. Gallatin, New York University, New York, 1940. Hardcover.

A.E. Gallatin Collection: Museum of Living Art A.E. Gallatin, Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1954. 153 pages, Hardcover.

Abstraction: 1910-1940 Annely and David Juda, Annely Juda Fine Art, 1980. 88 pages, Softcover.

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