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The Imperial Hotel Story Hessell Tiltman, 1970. 80 pages, Softcover.

The Architectural Forum January 1938 Frank Lloyd Wright, TAF, 1938. Softcover.

Frank Lloyd Wright: A Primer on Architectural Principles Robert McCarter, Princeton Architectural Press, NY, 1991. 308 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

Frank Lloyd Wright: Decorative Designs Collection.

The Architectural Forum, 1969. 1 pages, Softcover with dustjacket.

House Beautiful Hearst, vol 105 NO. 1, 1963. 122 pages, Softcover.

House Beautiful Magazine: Frank Lloyd Wright, His Contribution to the Beauty of American Life Hearst, Hearst Corporation, 1955. 385 pages, Softcover.

Frank Lloyd Wright: Sixty Years of Living Architecture Wright, Buchdruckerei Winterthur, Zurich, 1952. 100 pages, Softcover.

Architectural Forum the Magazine of Building Wright, Time Inc.., 1959. 265 pages, Softcover.

The Oak Park Home and Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright Ann Abernathy, Eright Foundation, 1988. 48 pages, Softcover.

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