Revel in the high-style eclecticism of Pavel Zoubok and Paul A. Baglio, Jr., who together have transformed the art of collage into an experience and a lifestyle. Under their extraordinary vision, the living environment takes on a new form of expression, one that pushes the boundaries between art and design, is theatrical, curious and amusing, and has something for everyone.

The Amusing Style, a term coined by art historian Christopher Reed, takes its name from the ubiquitous use of the term “amusing” to describe the arts and entertainment during the 1920s and refers to a collage-like approach to interior decoration that was championed in British Vogue at that time. 

We've always regarded the objects we collect as the truest expression of ourselves. They tell the story of our many years together—our evolving interests, tastes, obsessions.

When New York art dealer Pavel Zoubok and his husband Paul Baglio decided to part with some of the hundreds of works of art and design in their collection, it became clear that their sale should reflect the same high-style eclecticism as their homes. For Zoubok, a specialist in contemporary and modern mixed-media, collage has always been a defining principle, both in business and at home. With Baglio, a former visual director for iconic fashion brands like Chanel and Giorgio Armani, the two have created smart, whimsical interiors for their residences in New York, Pennsylvania and Sicily. 

In addition to Pavel Zoubok Fine Art (formerly Pavel Zoubok Gallery), started in 1997, the two recently launched DANDY, a consultancy dedicated to sharing “The Amusing Style” with a select group of private clients. 

For us, it has never been about a specific period or style. What drives us is the mix, the dialogues that emerge when you bring together seemingly disparate objects of quality. We are always on the hunt for the rare and unique, the things that make a house a real home. Our process is largely intuitive, even a bit eccentric at times, but it's always deeply felt.

​The Amusing Style

Selections from the Collection of Pavel Zoubok and Paul A. Baglio, Jr.

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