Bruno Gambone

Born in Vietri sul Mare, Italy, Bruno Gambone followed in his father, Guido Gambone’s, footsteps to become an accomplished figure in 20th century ceramics and design. Gambone was initially exposed to ceramics in his father’s Florence studio before moving to New York in the 1960s where he became involved in the burgeoning modern art scene. He focused primarily on painting during this time and then returned to Italy in 1969 after the death of his father in order to manage the family’s studio.

Combining his artistic skills with experimental forms, Gambone developed a new visual vocabulary for ceramics that set himself apart from his father’s work; remarking upon the diverse nature of his pottery, Gambone noted: “When I open my kiln, it’s always a surprise.” He would also go on to collaborate with other makers in various media including glass, applied art, jewelry, and home decor. Gambone was a respected figure in Italian craft and design, serving as a member of the Italian National Ceramics Council and the Academy of Geneva as well as President of the Italian Trade Association of Artisans for ten years.

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