Danese stands as one of the most influential firms in the history of design. Connecting culture and industry, Danese brought art into the everyday. Steered by the creative minds of Enzo Mari and Bruno Munari, the firm created functional and art objects, exhibition and multi-media displays, as well as books and games with an emphasis on communication, function, quality and above all, sustainability. 

Wright is proud to present Danese: A Private Collection at auction on March 26th. Acquired at the time of production, the works within this encyclopedic collection not only capture the vision of a pioneering collector but also the incredible depth and breadth of the legendary firm’s production.

Samos, model B  –  Samos, model O  –  Samos, model P

Grande Cubo, Series R  –  Cilindro, Series L  –  Sfera, model A  –  Grande Cubo, Series E  –  Cilindro, Series F  –  Sfera, model H  –  Grande Cubo, Series L

Maldive, model 2019A  –  Maldive, model 2019B  –  Maldive, model 2019C

Samos, model U  –  Samos, model Z  –  Samos, model W

A Private Collection

26 March 2021
11 am central

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