Custom Designs by Peter Larkin

The Strick House designed by Andrew Geller in 1968

The present lot was custom designed by Peter Larkin for the home he shared with his wife, artist Racelle Strick. Larkin, a well-known production designer whose work included the Mothership—a flying saucer stage prop used by Parliament-Funkadelic in wild performances during the 1970s—split his time between New York City and the couple’s vacation home in Amagansett. The home, originally designed in 1968 by Andrew Geller for Racelle and her then-husband, Louis Strick, featured geometric lines and vertical paneling. Triangular windows and sloped exterior walls gave it a slightly feline appearance and Racelle nicknamed it “The Cat”. Racelle and Peter moved to Amagansett full-time in 1998 and updated the home throughout the years with Larkin's own designs. 

Watch the Mothership land in this 1976 performance.