The Sound of Marantz the compelling warmth of a Stradivarius.
It is a dancing flute, a haughty bassoon
and the plaintive call of a lone French horn. 

The sound of Marantz is the sound of beauty, 
and Marantz equipment is designed to bring you 
the subtle joy of its delight.

The wonderful adventure in sound awaits you
when you discover that the sound of Marantz
is the sound of music at its very best. 

Ultimately, you will want Marantz...

Marantz catalog, c. 1955

Learn more about Marantz in A Tribute to Music, celebrating over sixty years of sound.

For the Love of Sound

The Audophilia of Larry & Carol Dupon

Before the advent of eBay, Larry Dupon dedicated himself to the search for rare audio equipment, scouring shops, posting print ads, and even organizing Chicago’s Vintage Audio Fair. Through his passionate pursuit, Dupon became a major dealer and top expert in the field – not as a careerist, but as a true aficionado. Together with his wife Carol, the Dupons built a formidable collection of coveted audio components the old-fashioned way: with curiosity, grit, and passion for sound.

Wanted ad listed by Larry Dupon in Audio Magazine, 1990

Over the years, the Dupons acquired exemplary models from industry leaders, including McIntosh, Marantz, ElectroVoice, and Richard Ranger. After Larry's passing, Carol became the steward of the historic collection, which we are now proud to present as part of American Design for the enjoyment of dedicated audiophiles for years to come.