Stone of Peace and Compassion

Image via GIA

Peridot is gem-quality olivine and is a magnesium iron silicate material. While olivine is a plentiful material, peridot is not. Its color is derived from the iron present in the stone; the smaller the amount of iron, the more saturated the gem. A unique feature only found in peridot is an inclusion resembling a lily pad.

Peridot has a long and storied past. This lively slightly yellowish green stone has been sought after since ancient times. Cleopatra said she wore "emeralds," but they were most likely deeply saturated peridot mined just off the Egyptian coast. Peridot also has an extraterrestrial history, traveling to the earth in meteors, some of these stones large enough to be faceted and used in jewelry. This beautiful stone has also been used for centuries as talismans in the form of small carved animals carried to help ward off fearsome nightmares. Finally, peridot, the birthstone of August, is the stone of compassion, good health, and peace in relationships.