“We were fighter pilots and test pilots out to do a job. But all of us either transcended that or were jerked out of it by the view of the Earth as a sphere about the size of your fist at the end of your arm.”

—William Anders (Schick and Van Haaften, pg. 95)

North is about five per cent to the right of vertical. The Sunset terminator crosses North (top) and South (bottom) America. Clouds cover most of the United States. Only the desert southwest and Florida are clear. 
[NASA caption]

From the mission transcript (photograph taken at T+008:45:00 after launch):

008:24:29 Anders:

Sure got a nice view of the Earth from here. We can see Baja California and about where San Diego ought to be.

008:24:40 Mattingly (Mission Control):

Very good.

008:24:44 Anders:

I can’t see my dad’s flag pole, out there today, though.

008:24:48 Mattingly:

We’ll tell the doctors about that.

008:30:00 Public Affairs Officer (Mission Control):

[...] We continue to have a very quite period here in Mission Control Center. On board the spacecraft, the crew also getting a bit of a chance to relax and get out of their spacesuits. We also anticipate they will be getting something to eat at this period. The midcourse correction maneuver, the first run of the Service Propulsion System engine which is anticipated to be about 2 to 3 seconds in duration, is currently scheduled for about 11 hours Ground Elapsed Time (GET). [...]

008:35:00 Public Affairs Officer (Mission Control):

At the present time the spacecraft is approaching 40,000 [nautical] miles [74,080 km] in altitude [...] and the velocity continuing to drop off down now to about 9,600 feet per second [2,930 m/s].