This photograph of the CSM Gumdrop with David Scott on board was taken from the ascent stage of the LM Spider during the first rendezvous and first docking performed by Apollo astronauts, at the end of the first manned test flight of the LM on the fifth day of the Earth-orbital mission.

Its propeller-like antenna jutting toward Earth, the CSM Gumdrop passes over Arizona (including the Rio Grande, foreground) and southern California (with the Gulf of California, left background). 

Docking mechanism is very clearly visible in the nose of the CSM. Scott flew by himself in the Command Module for a six-hour period while the two craft changed orbits and let as much as 100 miles separate them. (Mason, ppg. 152-54)

LIFE, 28 March 1969, pg. 28

From the mission transcript during the rendezvous:

098:33:50 McDivitt (Spider):

Okay, Davey. It says 100 feet on the radar tape. It looks a little closer to that to me, but what do you say we stop here?

098:33:58 Scott (Gumdrop):

Okay. That’s a good idea.

098:34:04 McDivitt (Spider):

Okay. I’ll get a STOP and STABILIZE and then give it to you.

098:34:28 Scott (Gumdrop):

Okay. That looks pretty good to me.

098:34:30 McDivitt (Spider):

Okay, good.

098:34:34 McDivitt (Spider):

Let me take a couple of pictures of your nose; then I’ll start pitching around.

098:35:14 McDivitt (Spider):

I don’t even see you in there, David.

098:35:18 Scott (Gumdrop):

Oh, I’m here.

098:35:23 Scott (Gumdrop):

I’ve been waiting for you to bring that good water back.