This beautiful panorama taken through the 250mm telephoto lens looking south shows sharp details, small craters and wrinkle ridges on the mare surface of the Sea of Fertility north of Crater Langrenus B. Latitude / longitude: 2.5° S / 56° E.

From the mission transcript as the spacecraft was approaching the Sea of Fertility
during its first revolution around the Moon:

076:30:14 Cernan:

Charlie, it might sound corny, but the view is really out of this world. [...]

076:33:05 Duke:

10, Houston. According to our maps, we have you coming up on the Sea of Waves and to your left Langrenus. [Long pause.]

076:33:58 Young:

Man, we could see the Sea of Crises up here. That’s the first real thing that I’m positive of that I’ve seen that I recognize and boy, it really stands out.

076:34:09 Duke:

Roger. We copy. [Long pause.]

076:34:26 Stafford:

Houston, Apollo 10. One thing about the orbital rate up here in the track, it’s considerably slower than around the Earth.