This great photograph taken from the LM Snoopy with the Sun directly above showcases the reflective nature of the outer layer of the Command Module. The lunar surface is reflected as light tones, and the dark portion mirrors the blackness of outer space.

Charlie Brown was station-keeping with the LM at an altitude of 69 miles over highlands and craters on the west rim of Smyth’s Sea between Craters Gilbert and Schubert. Parts of the LM window are visible at right.

The Command Module, about 12 feet in diameter and weighing 12,500 pounds, had about “as much habitable volume as a walk-in closet” (Light, caption 106)

Time, 6 June 1969, pg. 66 illustrates variation

From the mission transcript after separation of the LM and CSM in lunar orbit:

098:20:11 Cernan (Snoopy):

John, you’re the first vehicle photographed by another around the Moon. How does that grab you?

098:20:16 Young (Charlie Brown):

That grabs me good.

098:20:49 Stafford (Snoopy):

Can you come in a little ways here just slowly.

098:20:52 Young (Charlie Brown):

Yes. I’m coming in. [...]

098:25:31 Stafford (Snoopy):

Yes, now we’re getting in pretty good shape, babe. You really make a beautiful background against the Moon down there, John.

098:25:41 Cernan (Snoopy):

I’ll tell you, John, these pictures of you against that Moon ought to be fantastic.