A superb panorama taken through the 250mm telephoto lens looking northwest (almost perpendicularly to the motion of the spacecraft following its westward equatorial orbital path)

The low Sunlight close to the lunar nearside terminator emphasizes details of the relief. Over 300 kilometers long, the linear Ariadaeus Rille is named after the 10.4-km crater (at the right), which marks its eastern end. The circular crater below the rille to the left is the 13-km Crater Silberschlag. The dark patch at the top left near the horizon is the floor of the 46-km Crater Boscovich. Its surface is crossed by another smaller rille system designated Rimae Boscovich.

Latitude / longitude: 5.7° N / 16.8° E to the west (left) to 7.1° N / 13.3° E to the east (right)