This extremely rare photograph from magazine 42/U was not released by NASA after the mission.

Michael Collins captured the view through the 80mm lens during the second revolution of Apollo 11 around the Moon, showing a fresh crater below the spacecraft between King and Soddy on the "Dark Side of the Moon." The crater coordinates are 1.64N, 121.13E. The silhouette of the RCS thruster quad bottom is in the right foreground.

From the mission transcript during the second pass over the “Dark Side” of the Moon:

077:51:03 Armstrong (onboard):

Hmmm - here comes the Moon.

077:51:16 Aldrin (onboard):

Really beautiful.

077:51:29 Armstrong (onboard):

Hey, you...

077:51:30 Collins (onboard):

I wonder where we are.

077:51:31 Armstrong (onboard):

...we're going to stop here pretty soon, right?

077:51:33 Collins (onboard):

Yes, at 315.

077:51:41 SC (onboard):


077:51:56 Collins (onboard):

Man, that's really...

077:51:58 Armstrong (onboard):

It really looks gray to me now.

077:52:07 Armstrong (onboard):


077:52:10 Aldrin (onboard):

[Garble] right down toward the ground here.