Wright’s Chicago-based communication arts & design team creates the visual treatments, websites & collateral for Wright, Rago, LAMA, and Toomey & Co. We bring creative work of the highest caliber to the design and auction industries. We are fiercely invested in timeless, visual storytelling that honors the history, beauty, and pedigree of all the material that passes through our doors.

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case study I:  noma 
on-site photoshoot / case bound catalog & dust jacket / bespoke website presentation & marketing

In November 2017, Wright hosted a special auction of collected pieces from the groundbreaking Copenhagen restaurant, noma.  

The creative team worked with photographer Ditte Isager in Copenhagen to develop the visual overture. The case bound book is not just an auction catalog but an ode to noma’s unparalleled aesthetic & creativity. The accompanying digital presentation is a lush visual deep-dive celebrating the groundbreaking restaurant.

Wright’s noma auction broke sales records, involving over 500 bidders from 17 countries, and bringing in nearly double the auction’s initial estimates.

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case study II: Rock Style from the Boyd Collection
photoshoot & styling / photo collage / custom backdrops & display

Music, art, design, and pop culture collide in Rock Style from The Boyd Collection, an auction dedicated to all things rock & roll and everything in between.

The definition of California Cool — the spirited presentation equals the charisma of the collectors’ style.

Rock Style from The Boyd Collection helped set a new precedent of design at Wright. From the colorful ombre tiles featured in the scrolling index view, to playfully styled photoshoots & collages – the presentation emulates the collecting style & panache with each page load.

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case study III: One Giant Leap for Mankind
lot-by-lot immersive historical content  /  digital timeline & glossary

Marking the 50th anniversary of the last human voyage to the moon, Wright and LAMA present One Giant Leap for Mankind: Vintage Photographs from the Victor Martin-Malburet Collection, Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Project Apollo (1961-1972).

One Giant Leap for Mankind marks the collaboration between Wright's Communication Arts & Design team, and collector Victor Martin-Malburet, who contributed hundreds of individual pieces of accompanying content, to create a full-featured digital catalog experience.

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Mission Timeline

case study IV: Keeping Time: The William Dorsey Collection
catalog with holographic foil cover  /  bespoke animations / digital catalog / social media

With an eye for striking designs and an acute appreciation for the philosophy behind them, William Dorsey amassed an incredible collection of clocks, lighting, and furniture by the masterful George Nelson. 

The team designed the book, digital catalog and social media campaign to capture the hearts of Nelson collectors across the globe. 

Keeping Time: The William Dorsey Collection allowed the team to stretch in different directions – flexing our print expertise, developing animations for wall clocks to feature online, and reshaping the editorial for social media engagement. 

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Advocating for the user means designing a seamless flow for bidding: browse a collection, register for the auction, and place your bid. Users receive notifications upon being outbid, prior to the day of sale, & manage bids via the user account page.

The auctions we host and the collections brought to market are ever-changing and provide an exciting canvas for the creative team. Design art directs photography, works alongside the developers to strategize enhancements, and collaborates with clients & specialists to visualize each presentation.

Ultimately our mission is to collaborate to create the highest level of design presentation in the industry.

The design team is proud to work in an environment where creativity is valued & each team member’s contribution elevates the final product. We treasure creative thinking, expertise and innovation; building compelling presentations is our labor of love. We are looking for talented designers who share these goals, and want to collaborate. Read on to learn about opportunities in the Chicago studio.

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