Thank you for a record-breaking 2018! 

Over the course of the year, Wright presented more than 5,000 lots in 27 auctions for sales totaling more than $28 million.

Top Results

New Auction Records

IMPORTANT DESIGN   11 December 2018   Lot 101

Leo Amino
Untitled, 1954

IMPORTANT ITALIAN GLASS   23 May 2018   Lot 160

Thomas Stearns
La Sentinella di Venezia, 1962

A Rediscovered Masterpiece

IMPORTANT DESIGN   07 June 2018   Lot 114

Isamu Noguchi
Important and Unique Dining Table for Mr & Mrs. Milton Greene, 1948–1949

Artists in Focus

This year Wright hosted several auctions dedicated to individual artists and creators. Wright is proud to be a part of the legacy of these artists through the presentation of their works and the stories that surround them.

Tastemakers & Collections

It isn't only the artist and designers but it is also the collectors—the tastemakers—who define cultural phenomenon. Wright was pleased to present works from several special collections this past year, some the focus of dedicated auctions.



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