The Definitive Rock Amplifier

Eric Clapton photographed with the Marshall Model 1962 amp during the legendary Blues Breakers recording sessions. Photo by David Wedgbury

Legendary musician Eric Clapton asked amplification pioneer Jim Marshall to make him a combination amplifier small enough to fit in the trunk of his car yet powerful enough to use on stage. Jim answered his request with a Model 1962 combination amplifier with 2 x 12 speakers. At the time, Clapton was back in London to re-join John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers and used his new amp during the legendary recording sessions for the Blues Breakers album. The combination of Clapton’s 1959 Les Paul Standard with the Model 1962 amp resulted in the textured sound that became iconic of 1960s blues-rock music. The Model 1962 was introduced to the wider market in 1965 and has been known as the Bluesbreaker ever since.