Get on the road, Karbombz!

In 2015, artist Kenny Scharf was painting a mural in Alabama when a passerby stopped to take a look. She asked if Scharf would do her car, and the artist agreed. She posted the finished product on Instagram, and the likes began to roll in. In Scharf’s words, it was “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am, get on the road, Karbombz”. Since then, Scharf has customized hundreds of cars for open-minded enthusiasts across the globe. A book documenting the series is in the works, and a quick internet search will bring up countless stories from over-the-moon patrons delighting in their new cars and the memory of getting Karbombzd! by Kenny Scharf. 

Karbombz! are like tattoos for your car. Cars are everywhere every corner of the globe and most of them are really boring they all look the same grayish boring dullsville. Isn’t being stuck in traffic hideously boring? Imagine being stuck in traffic with all the cars Karbombzd! What an exciting traffic jam that would be!

Kenny Sharf