SMS: A Collection of Multiples

A Surrealist Publication

This surrealist publication was coordinated by William Copley. It features six volumes with artworks contributed by various artists; a complete list follows:

Volume No. 1 February 1968

Little Box of Earthquake and Cotton (cover), Irving Penn; Black Dress, James Lee Byars; Chicago Project…, Walter de Maria; My Country ‘Tis of Thee, Kasper Konig; Luggage Labels Nancy Reitkopf; Project for a Bridge, Sue Braden; A Postcard for Mother, Richard Hamilton; Two Propositions in Black, Le Monte Young and Marian Zazeela; Store Front, Christo; Hottentot Apron, Sol Mednick; Pharmaceuticals, Julian Levy.

Volume No. 2 April 1968

Seven Minute Recording of Contapetrie, a surrealist word game (cover), Marcel Duchamp; The Mirror of Genoveva, Meret Oppenheim; Three Color Separations, Alain Jacquet, signed and numbered; A Two-Year-Old Girl Choked to Death Today on an Easter Egg, Ray Johnson; A Proposed Comic Section for the New York Times, Bernard Pfreim; Farwell to Faust, George Reavey; Album, Clovis Trouille; Legal Tender, Bruce Conner; 10 collages, Marcia Hertscovitz; Thesis, Lee Lozano; Cynocephalus & Co., Nicolas Calas.

Volume No. 3 June 1968

Untitled abstract landscapes (cover), John Battan; Clouds, William Bryant (Bill Copley); Ode to London, Dick Higgens; Two Drawings, Ronnie Landfield; Bush in Hand, Roland Penrose; The Father of Mona Lisa, Man Ray, signed and numbered; Glove, Enrico Baj; Four Titled Abstracts, Joseph Kosuth; Correspondence, H.C. Westerman; Signal Flag Poem, Hannah Weiner; Poppy Nogoods All Night Flight, Terry Riley; Poems, Atograf.

Volume No. 4 August 1968

Untitled (cover), Robert Stanley; Drift Study 4:37:4:05:09:50 5 VII 68, La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela; Permanent Parking Decal, Robert Watts; 100 Year Calendar, On Kawara; Lichtenstein Hat, Roy Lichtenstein; Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse) continued, John Cage; Phenakistiscope, Hollis Frampton; Asylum Manuscripts, Princess Winifred; 6 Prison Poems, Domenico Rotella; Concept: Bergtold, Paul Bergtold; Tortured color, Arman Fernandez.

Volume No. 5 October 1968

Untitled (cover), Congo (Chimpanzee); Custer’s Last Stand (interior of cover), William Anthony; Splendid Person, Wall Batterton; 24 Still Lifes, Edward Fitzgerald; Bucks American, Neil Jenney; The Barber Shop, William Copley; Cut Corners, Robert Rohm; Footsteps, Bruce Nauman; Candy, Mel Ramos; Mend Piece for John, Yoko Ono; The Magellanic Clouds, Diane Wakowski; Against the Grain, William Schwedler; The Inner Pages, Angus MacLise; Turf, Stake, String, Lawrence Weiner.

Volume No. 6 December 1968

Untitled (cover), Richard Artschwager; Adora, Jean Reavey; Self Portrait, Ed Bereal; Neon Construction, Ronoldo Ferri; Astrophysics, Bernar Venet; Junior Historical Theatre Playroom Kit , Mischa Petrov; Unattended Lunches, Claes Oldenburg; Friends, Betty Dodson; Twenty Down, Adrian Nutbeem; Johns in Art Galleries, Paul Steiner; 10 Xerox Sheets, Toby Mussman; Chinese Fortune Game, John Giorno; Chocolate Bar, Diter Rot