Horton House, Greenwich, CT

Designed by Eliot Noyes

Architect and designer, Eliot Noyes led a versatile and interesting life. Early in his career (1939-1945), Noyes served as the director of industrial design at the Museum of Modern Art where he played an integral role in the museum’s renowned exhibition Organic Design in Home Furnishings. Noyes is most widely known for his work with IBM where he worked as design consultant for more than twenty years, but he also created a number of notable modernist homes and redesigned the corporate identities of several companies including Mobil Oil and Westinghouse. This present lot comes from one of the last homes designed by Noyes.

Interior, Horton House, Greenwich, CT, 1974 (Eliot Noyes: A Pioneer of Design in the Age of American Modernism, Bruce, pg. 129)