A Mountain of Sketches

Lawrence Laske

I remember vividly hearing about the upcoming Memphis show and feeling the excitement in the studio. At that time Aldo Cibic and Marco Zanini were still partners and always present in the studio. I overheard them discussing their ideas with others, and I thought, “What a dream to design a piece of furniture for Memphis.” Not even a month into my working with Ettore, there seemed to be a shining star piercing the gray Milan air, penetrating through the only window into the basement studio and shining directly on me. Ettore passed by my table as any other day, for I was situated facing the steps which led in and out of the basement studio, but this time he stopped and looked at me. After a wonderful silent pause he said, “Larry, do a few furniture sketches for Memphis and I will present them to Barbara.” Nothing more was said and he walked up the steps leaving me with an encouraging smile and my dream opportunity. Ettore did not have to give me a deadline because he knew that I would most likely arrive the next day with a mountain of sketches.