Jordan Mozer

Selections from the Studio

Jordan Mozer is a true Renaissance man, a painter and a craftsman with degrees in industrial design and architecture. Inspired by music, nature, history and popular culture, Mozer’s designs bridge the realms of art and architecture. Embracing a variety of mediums, locally sourced materials and the skills of expert craftsmen, Mozer creates lush environments that evoke the senses. His interiors tell stories, each furnishing like a character in the narrative.

Mozer’s rich design aesthetic can be found in many interiors around the world including hotels, restaurants and luxury retail stores. His impressive clients include Volkswagen, George Lucas, Disney and The Rolling Stones to name a few. While his commissions span the globe, Chicago based Mozer Studios has been creating limited edition furnishings since 1985. The following ten lots made exclusively in Chicago, illustrate the breadth of Mozer’s various projects and are from the artist’s personal collection.

A sketch of the Victory love seat by the artist for Victory restaurant in Meadowlands, New Jersey.