Samuel Marx

Works from the Morton D. May House

The Morton D. May House designed by Samuel Marx in 1940 stood out as an icon of international style and modernism. Located in an affluent neighborhood in Ladue, Missouri, the home featured a flat roof and asymmetrical plan. Its interior showcased furnishings with clean modern lines, luxurious amenities (the first private residence to have central air conditioning) as well as a plethora of art including paintings by Maurice Freedman.

Morton D. May, also known as Buster, was the chairman of the May department stores. He hired his uncle Samuel Marx to design his home and interior, giving Marx carte blanche for the project. With bespoke furnishings and objects designed by and selected by Marx, the residence was complete work of art and stands as Marx’s most iconic commissions. 

The Morton D. May House was demolished in 2005. The following nineteen lots come from the original interior.

One example from this pair illustrated in situ. Chicago History Museum, HB-07051F; Hedrich-Blessing Photographer