Paul Frankl

Works from the Goodrich Residence, Los Angeles

When Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Goodrich moved west, they hired the renowned architect Cliff May (the father of the California Ranch House) for the design of their home and it was likely through May that they were introduced to Paul Frankl who outfitted their home’s interior. Featured in the June, 1944 issue of House Beautiful, the Goodrich home exemplified the functional, modern home that was becoming increasingly popular. May’s sprawling layout was perfectly complimented by Frankl’s custom designs which stood out for their clean lines and progressive use of modern materials.

The following six lots come from the Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Goodrich residence in Los Angeles, California. They remained in the family collection for nearly seven decades.

The present lot illustrated in situ. House Beautiful 1944, photo by Maynard Parker