Leroy Setziol


Recognized as the most accomplished wood sculptor in the Northwest, Leroy Setziol spent most of his early life on the East Coast. Born in Philadelphia in 1915, Setziol attended Elmhurst College, graduating with a degree in art before working as a minister in Bennington, New York. During World War II, Setziol was stationed in the South Pacific where he served as an army chaplain. Upon returning to the United States, he reunited with his family and settled in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by his time in South Pacific and the lush forests of the Northwest, Setziol created lyrical relief carvings using a grid pattern as the basis for his compositions. His expertly carved works garnered attention from other artists and architects alike and Setziol was invited to collaborate on many private and large scale commissions. His work can be found in museum collections across the Northwest including the Salem Art Association and the Portland Art Museum.