On February 9th, Wright presents Design in Motion: The Berkel Slicer Machine, the first-ever auction dedicated to vintage flywheel slicing machines, kitchen scales and ephemera. 

To work with a Berkel, it’s not only because it’s beautiful, but because it is the best that you can find...You want to respect your product and these are the best machines you can find for to slice the perfect way.

Chef Cesare Casella

Wilhelmus Adrianus van Berkel with an early slicer model, c. 1900

A History of the Berkel Slicer

Dutch butcher and engineer, Wilhelmus Adrianus van Berkel is born in Enschot, The Netherlands

W.A. van Berkel files a patent for his Model A slicer and establishes his first factory in Rotterdam under the company name Van Berkel’s Patent

The company opens its South American branch S.A. Sud Americana Van Berkel in Buenos Aires

Berkel starts US slicer production at the U.S. Slicing Machine facility in Chicago

Berkel begins production in Paris at A Francaise des Brevets van Berkel

The company moves its US manufacturing headquarters from Chicago to La Porte, Indiana and changes its name to Berkel, Incorporated

The Berkel Keileweg factory in Rotterdam produces parts for monoplanes and biplanes to support the war effort

Berkel production expands across Europe and the company opens SA des Brevets van Berkel in Brussels, Auto Scale and Slicing Machine in Milan and Berkel and Parnalls Slicing Machine Mfg. Co. Ltd in Ponders End, Middlesex      

The company opens its Canadian headquarters, Berkel Products Company LTD in Toronto

Berkel opens the Berkel Auto Scale Co. Ltd in London

Wilhelmus Adrianus van Berkel dies at the age of eighty-three in Montreux, Switzerland

Present Day
Berkel’s US headquarters reside in Troy, Ohio

Highlights from Slice Night

Design in Motion: The Berkel Slicer Machine

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