With a flattened spherical body composed of clear glass and silver leaf, and oversized red, angular pasta di vetro handles this vase possesses all the stylistic elements of the Italian Novocento style—a classical form with re-worked proportions executed in fashionable, contemporary materials. Made around 1930, a number of companies produced vases of this type, but few could achieve this exceptional level of quality. In fact, the contrasting use of red opaque details and clear glass embellished with silver leaf marks a transition from the thinly blown monochromatic Soffiato glass of the 1920s to the more adventurous use of experimental materials in the 1930s. A product of master craftsmanship, this vase is a tour de force of Italian Art Deco design.

Vetreria Artistica Barover

Over its long history the Barovier company has had many names and incarnations; it began in 1878 as Fratelli Barovier, changing shortly thereafter to Artisti Barovier, and then becoming Artistica Barovier immediately after the war, in 1919. During this early period the Barovier brothers, Benvenuto and Giuseppe, were at the forefront of an artistic revival of Venetian glass which sought to recapture the technical and artistic glory of the past, while creating radically new designs and techniques. This culminated in a series of murrine vessels of exceptional beauty and technical virtuosity. 

Along with the murine vessels, a wide range of other exquisite works were designed during this period, many of which derived their shapes from classical antiquity but were executed in vibrant colors and experimental materials. Collaboration with other notable Venetian firms and designers also took place in the 1920s including a series of important murrine vessels and bowls presented on elegant wrought iron stands in the Byzantine and Art Nouveau styles by artist and master iron worker Umberto Bellotto.

Lots 36-39 are exquisite examples of the high level of innovation and  craftsmanship taking place at Artistica Barovier between 1920 and 1930.

Additional Works by Vetreria Artistica Barovier