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Paul Lobel Innovation in Design, Material and Technology
The Making of a Masterpiece A miniature maquette
A Custom Design for a Marco Zanuso Interior
George Nelson & Associates A Rare Design for the 1964 New York World's Fair
Selections from the Design Collection of Steve Cabella
Lots 281–320 come from the collection of Steve Cabella of the Modern i Shop in San Anselmo, California. Opening his shop in 1977, Steve Cabella was among the first dealers of modern design in the United States. Emphasizing what he calls “design moments,” Cabella pursued developmental phases in design production and new materials introduced in the post-war era. Starting as a collector and enthusiast, Cabella quickly migrated toward preservation, education and exhibition of American Modernism. Acting as a true scholar and steward of the era, Cabella’s pioneering approach has brought numerous prototypes and lost stories to light.