As a gift to the country artist, Waylon Jennings' bandmates adorned his 1953 Fender Telecaster with a custom black and white leather cover. Jennings further customized the guitar by filing down the frets to achieve his signature slapping sound. The look was immensely popular, and various companies began manufacturing replica covers like the one featured on the present lot to emulate Jennings' outlaw country style. 

Waylon Jennings playing his signature leather-covered Telecaster, c. 1975. Photo by Ron McKeowan

The Telecaster was the first successfully mass-produced solid body guitar, introduced by Leo Fender in 1951. With a simple and straightforward design, the Telecaster is still revered for its versatility and playability today. 

Countless musicians, from a range of genres have played Telecasters and the company has issued signature models for a number of the most legendary players. 

Joe Strummer
Keith Richards
Jimmy Page
Jeff Beck
Bruce Springsteen
Jeff Buckley

Merele Haggard
George Harrison
Muddy Waters
Bob Dylan
Pete Townsend
Keith Urban
Waylon Jennings

PJ Harvey
David Gilmour
Bill Frisell
Ted Greene
Frank Black
and many more...