This design first debuted at the 1941 Copenhagan Cabinetmaker’s Guild Exhibition, which ran annually from 1927 to 1966, highlighting the best in Danish furniture. Klint presented a collection of mahogany furniture, produced by Rud. Rasmussens Snedkerier, for a living room with a fireplace. The stately and refined sofa of this collection was accompanied by a handsome horseshoe table, both of which drew from traditional English furniture forms and were described as “deeply felt designs” by those who saw the room.

Klint's and Rud. Rasmussens Snedkerier's showroom at the Cabinetmaker's Guild in 1941

Among the good pieces of furniture, the ones designed by Kaare Klint for Rudolf Rasmussen are still the most important...The results of Klint's excellent work at the Academy of Fine Arts have now begun to influence some cabinetmakers and architects, but many more ought to take advantage of his achievements.

Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen