Charlies Siclis was an architect and designer, known for combining dramatic Art Deco designs with regional French styles in the many restaurants, cafes, cinemas, hotels and casinos he designed. He worked mainly in Paris, but also designed buildings in Portugal, Spain and the United States. Many of his most lauded works have been destroyed, but a few private homes and furnishings he designed for the interiors of his buildings survive. 

The present lot are chairs that were produced by Thonet in 1934 and appeared in interiors including the Rôtisserie Périgourdine (below, left) and the cafe Le Triomphe (below, right), both in Paris.

For centuries, fashion, taste and style were set by the king and his court. A time came when fashion and taste were launched by daring, elegant artists and people of spirit.

Mobilier et Décoration on Siclis' designs