Wright is excited to present over 200 works by and from the personal collection of Milton Glaser, one of the most influential graphic designers of the 20th century. Inspired by music, theater, opera, art, literature and his beloved city of New York, Glaser's work defined an era of graphic design that was lush, playful and intellectual. Spanning over fifty years, this collection features original drawings and collages, as well as prints and posters personally selected by Glaser to reflect and celebrate his momentous career.

The deepest role of art is creating an alternative reality, something the world needs desperately at this time. Art is the most benign and fundamental way of creating community that our species has discovered. Mozart and Matisse — children of Eros — make us more human and more generous to one another.

Milton Glaser

In Search of the Miraculous

Milton Glaser has spent his career in search of "why something becomes understandable". Beginning in the 1950s, Glaser led the shift in graphic design away from the rational, orderly "Precisionist" style that prevailed between the wars, and toward a mode that was inspired, exuberant and filled with humanity. Over the course of his nearly-seventy-year career, Glaser has designed everything from the iconic "I  NY" and logos for major cultural institutions, international brands, and health organizations, to exhibitions, public spaces and interiors, all with the expressed interest of fostering connectivity and community through the language of design.

In 2009, Glaser was the first graphic designer to receive the National Medal of Arts and was given the lifetime achievement award from the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in 2004. Glaser's insistent mantra of "art is work" is deeply felt in this collection, with its call to look with a slow, purposeful, meditative quality, at the richness and great feeling that his body of work contains.

There are three responses to a piece of design; yes, no and wow. Wow is the one to aim for.

Milton Glaser

To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.

Milton Glaser

To Inform and Delight

The Collection of Milton Glaser

 14 July 2020
12 pm central

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