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“I never lost sight of what I wanted, which was basically to do the best work I was capable of doing and to spend my life making things.”
“All of the manifestations of art...are part of the survival mechanism of our species. I believe that art is a form of meditation for both maker and witness and that art, like meditation, makes us attentive...produces quiet in the mind so that it can discard pre-existing ideas to see what is real.”
“I never separated the city from myself. I think I am the city. I am what the city is. This is my city, my life, my vision.”
“The most glorious thing one can imagine is seeing something you thought of become real.”
“There are three responses to a piece of design; yes, no and wow. Wow is the one to aim for.”
“The best work emerges from phenomena that exist independently of each other. What the designer intuits is the linkage, a way to unify separate occurrences and create a gestalt, an experience in which this new unity provides a new insight.”
“When does 'high art' meet 'low art'? Who is served by this distinction? Does it matter? I'm encouraged by one simple fact: We value a good rug, a beautiful book, or a good poster over any bad painting.”
“The idea of sitting down and drawing something, whatever it is, has not lost its importance in my life. It's not what you do; it's the way you do it. Even though you may have done something a thousand times, the issue still is how do you make it extraordinary?”