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Bruce Conner The following collection comes from Natasha Nicholson, an artist who was close to Bruce Conner from 1967 to 1972, a productive period of transition (among many) for Conner, one where he was creating some of his now most notable collages, films and drawings...
Push to Full Volume
Natasha Nicholson on Bruce Conner
I haven't called very many people brilliant in my life, but [Bruce Conner] truly was. Everything he did, he could do any medium, anything and the passion that he brought to it was amazing.
Sister Mary Corita Kent
James Lee Byars Detroit born artist James Lee Byars lived a nomadic life. In 1958, he moved to Japan and spent nearly a decade in Kyoto studying Japanese Noh theater, Zen meditations and Shinto ritual. In the late 1960s and 70s, Byars spent much of his time between Belgium and Germany, periodically traveling to Paris, Italy and the United States. On the occasions when he visited Los Angeles, Byars enlisted the help of Tommy Longo, a neighbor of his patrons, gallerist Eugenia Butler and attorney James Butler, to drive him around the city. A friendship ensued, and Byars and Longo (whom the artist nicknamed Peachy Keene) kept in touch through letters, postcards, and the odd phone call. The following collection of correspondence comes from the collection of Tommy Longo.
I see a word
in the air
Take photos of sundown
I am the complete history of the world?